Partnering With Customers To Impact Local Communities

We could all use a little bit of uplifting news! We recently received this email from our customer, Mary, with Virginia's Finest Chocolate. We find her story so inspirational and that we couldn't help but share it!

My name is Mary Griffith, and I own a business called Virginia's Finest Chocolate in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Though I don't have a retail front, I was hit just as hard during COVID as storefront businesses. Easter is usually my busiest time of year, and it seemed no one was even thinking about Easter, especially since they weren't going to get to see family members. I had a large loss in product and revenue, then got pretty down in the dumps.

I tried to use my time during quarantine to reassess my business and do online learning. I watched the news each night and admired how the "frontline workers" in the medical field were working hard, and for long hours. My area of Virginia was one of the first hit with COVID deaths, and we have a large elderly population. sent out an email to customers offering to send medical-themed chocolate boxes. I jumped on this chance to do something special for my area's hospital nurses. I was excited to get back to crafting chocolates, and making something tailored to the medical profession! I made stethoscopes, pill bottles, Band-Aids, large aspirin, and a round piece with the medical caduceus symbol, all in chocolate.

I mixed these special chocolates with chocolate-covered caramels, creams, pieces with peppermint to lift their spirits, and chocolate-covered nuts for protein in the super cute medical-themed boxes. I included a thank you note inside of each box and wrote "Love, Mary" on the outside, which I sealed with a gold stretch loop and ingredient label.

Of course, with everyone wearing masks, it was hard to see smiles, but I could tell by the excited voices of those who received the boxes for their departments that they were very grateful and excited to receive the gifts. It certainly made my week, and my month, to do something special like this for the ER, COVID, and delivery departments of the two hospitals in my area.

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a hero to the REAL heroes during this trying and unsettled time.

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