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Disposable Face Shield, White, 10 pack
Disposable Face Shield, White, 10 pack

Disposable Face Shield, White, 10 pack

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Disposable Face Shield, White, 10 pack
Product SKU: FC00P-01013-L
Product Status In Stock

Category Folding Cartons
Color White
Size Medium
Material Paper

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For Every Shield Sold, One is Donated to a First Responder

Facial Shields are personal protective equipment devices used by many workers for protection of the facial area and associated mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth) from splashes, sprays and splatter of body fluids.  The product has not been evaluated for the prevention of specific diseases or infections by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as face shields are generally not used alone, but in conjunction with other protective equipment (we have a limited supply of face masks) specifically designed to protect against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

These shields will:
1) Block Splatter: protect your eyes, ears and nose from aerosol splatter
2) Disposable: Priced affordably, reducing need for disinfecting
3) Fog Resistant: Keep from over heating with proper air flow venting
4) Custom Printable: For quantities greater than 2500 add your own artwork.

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